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Running team built——“Running Team”Start

Date:2022-08-29Source:Wuhu Tonhe Automobile Fluid System Co.,ltd.
On 2022.08.27, The running activity organized by the union of Tonhe company, in line with the company culture concept of "positive, happy work, strong body, happy life", was held as scheduled in the Shenshan park with beautiful scenery under the light rain.
Although it was a rainy day, everyone have had finished daily exercise accumulation of more than one month, all ran the whole course, and many people achieved the best performance of individual record.
The running activity carried out by Tonhe company aims to strengthen the employees' body, strengthen the willpower, adjust the mood and enhance the unity of the employees. Under the organization of the company's labor union, the activity is getting better and better, with more and more participants.

Pic. Highlights of running

Pic2 Tonhe Running Team

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