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Hydraulic Pipe
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Product Introduction:
To seal connect hydraulic pump and steering pump. it can bear high pressure up to 120MPa. Hydraulic pipe is divided into high-pressure metal pipe, high-pressure steel wire hose.
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1. Cleanliness requirement: weight of residual impurity≤0.06mg/cm2. Size of impurities <(1200X90)um,metal<315um.
2、High pressure steel wire pulling-out force > 7000N
3、Burst Pressure:High-Pressure steel wire hose burst pressure is more than four times of working pressure.
4、Minimum bending redius is 90% of GB3683 standard.
5、The better volume variation performs, the better noise reducing.
6、Single high pressure steel wire hose assembly can meet 20000 times high-temperature impulse test, while double high pressure steel wire hose assembly can meet 250000 times high-temperature impulse test.

High-pressure metal pipe is consist of cold-drawn precision seamless steel tubes, sleeves and nuts. suface electroplating processing and seal the tubes with O-rings. there are specifications φ4.76、φ6、φ8、φ9.52、φ10、φ12、φ12.7、15、φ15.88、φ16、φ19、φ20、φ30、φ31.75、φ50.8.

High-pressure steel wire hose is mainly consist of steel wire braided tubes, sockets, pipe joints, protection bush, surface electroplating processing and vertical crimping method. High pressure braided Hose can be divided into single layer steel wire hose and double layer steel wire, OD ranges are φ6 1SN、φ8 1SN、φ8 2SN、φ10 1SN、φ10 2SN、φ12 1SN、φ12 2SN、φ16 1SN、φ16 2SN、φ19 1SN、φ19 2SN.

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